Tennessee Valley Authority awards $125,000 to 11 schools within Washington County


The Tennessee Valley Authority has awarded $125,000 to 11 individual schools within the Washington County School system as part of TVA’s School Uplift program.

In total, TVA has awarded $2.6 million in grants to 64 schools across the Southeast for HVAC upgrades and energy efficiency training to improve the learning environment. This funding will save schools about 10% on their energy bills.

Grants ranged from $10,000 and up dependent on the score each school achieved by cutting their energy waste. The grant scoring also incorporates a needs-based facilities assessment to determine which buildings could achieve the greatest energy savings..

“For nearly 90 years, TVA and our 153 local power company partners have worked to make a positive impact on the communities we serve, and our children are our most important asset,” said Monika Beckner, vice president, TVA Energy Services & Programs. “Making classrooms healthier and more comfortable for both students and teachers helps give every child the opportunity to succeed.”

BrightRidge Energy Services staff worked closely with Washington County Schools to earn the grant funding, awarding $10,000 grants at the individual school level to Daniel Boone High School and David Crockett High School, as well as Boones Creek, Grandview, Fall Branch, Lamar, West View, Sulphur Springs, West View, South Central and Ridgeview elementary schools.

Gray Elementary was named a top energy saving performer and was awarded $25,000 in school level grants by TVA School Uplift.

In 2021, TVA launched the School Uplift program to invest in students’ futures by offering energy efficiency training and grants that not only reduce energy costs but improve the quality of the learning environment. To date, TVA has invested $7.28 million and has helped 118 schools save on their energy bills.

Estimated energy savings resulting from School Uplift upgrades and behavior change equal to reducing the carbon dioxide equivalent of 26,300 metric tons, or more than 29.5 million pounds of coal.

The 2023-2024 School Uplift program will kick off this summer with 125 new schools already enrolled. To learn more about TVA’s School Uplift program, please visit energyright.com/business-industry/school-uplift

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