Bill Options


Paperless Billing 

*SmartHub enrollment is required for the paperless billing program. 

With Paperless Billing you will still be billed monthly, however, you will not receive a paper bill.  You can enroll anytime either online or via your mobile device using your SmartHub login on or the app. 

You still have full access to your account information online or via mobile device at any time.  Each month you will receive either a text or email notification that your bill is ready and you can download copies of your paper bill if needed.

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Bank Draft

Our Bank Draft Program enables you to authorize BrightRidge to draft your checking or savings account for your bill each month or the budget amount (if you also participate in the Budget Billing Program).  Your account will be drafted on the due date printed on the bill.  

If you currently have an outstanding balance (amount due), please pay the current amount due for the account to be automatically drafted on the due date. Once you receive the bank draft notification on your bill, the amount due for that billing period will be drafted per the date at the bottom of the bill.

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Budget Billing 

The Budget Billing Program is a favorite among BrightRidge customers who are budget conscious. This program minimizes bill fluctuations by offering customers two billing options that are budget friendly. Many customers using the Budget Billing Program find it much easier to manage their monthly utility costs. 

Applications are only accepted:  April 1st through May 31st. 

BrightRidge offers two budget plan options for customers who prefer to better manage monthly utility costs: Rolling Budget and Fixed Budget


  • Rolling Budget has no year-end settle-up bill.  Your monthly budget amount varies slightly from month-to-month depending on your energy usage. 


  • If you participate in the Fixed Budget Program, there is an end-of-year settle-up bill, which is typically in June or July.  Depending on your energy usage throughout the year, there may be a debit or credit.  If the previous year was unseasonably hot or cold and energy usage was higher-than-normal, you should expect a debit, and you will be billed for any energy used at the applicable kWh rate.  If the previous year’s weather was mild causing energy usage to be less-than-normal, you should expect a credit on your account and may request a refund check.

What are the program requirements?

  • Budget Billing Program is only available for residential customers.
  • A zero balance on your account is required before the application is processed.
  • You must have a twelve-month account history.  (Some exceptions may apply.)
  • Monthly payments must be paid by the due date each month.
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Flex Due Date

You have the option to make paying your energy bill more convenient with our Flex Due Date Program. This program allows you to change the day your bills are due. You may sign up any time by completing the form below.  

Program requirements are:

  • Only electric accounts are eligible
  • Your account must be paid via Bank Draft
  • The account may either be a checking or savings account
  • Only available for residential customers
  • Must maintain good payment history 

How it works?

Your reading date will not change.  BrightRidge will continue to read your meter via our Automated Metering System.  Simply, complete the FDD form and then receive an email with a selection of dates to choose from. Once the date is chosen, the request will be processed when the account is at a $0 balance.  The draft date will be reflected on your monthly bill.  If the date you chose is a weekend or holiday, payment will be processed the next business day.

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