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BrightRidge High-Speed Internet

BrightRidge fixed wireless high-speed internet is here!

BrightRidge Broadband Home Products

Ready for 10 Gig high-speed internet?

Learn about the benefits of high-speed internet service.

Coming Soon!

BrightRidge Broadband Spring 2019

BrightRidge Broadband services to be available in Spring 2019! 

Coming Soon!

BrightRidge Broadband

Learn more about BrightRidge Broadband products for your home or business by following the link below.

Broadband Quick Link

Budget Billing Program

Enrollment for the Budget Billing Program has begun! With Budget Billing, you receive predictable energy bills based on your average energy usage. Enrollment ends May 31st. 

Broadband Address Verification

Interested in BrightRidge Broadband? Check your address to see if your home or business is in a current roll-out phase and when broadband services are coming to your area. 

Calendar Contest

It's time for the BrightRidge Calendar Contest! BrightRidge is hosting a calendar contest for all 4th graders, and this year's theme is energy conservation. 

First Community Solar Project in the Tri-Cities

Learn how you can be part of the new BrightRidge Solar Community!

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