Programs & Services

Access a comprehensive suite of services designed to boost energy efficiency, discover sustainable energy options, receive professional guidance, and more. 

Home Uplift

Home Uplift Program

Through Home Uplift, income-qualified residents can receive valuable home energy upgrades that will improve their home’s energy efficiency and comfort and lower their utility bills – at no cost to them. Save on utility bills, breathe cleaner indoor air and be more comfortable in your home. Eligible customers receive an average of $10,000 in free home energy upgrades.

Residential Security Lights 

BrightRidge offers the installation of automatic, dusk-to-dawn security lights. Add lighting by discouraging vandals and prowlers, enhance safety by preventing accidents, and increase outdoor living time for recreation and entertainment. 

Residential Security Lights

TVA Programs & Services

BrightRidge has partnered with The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to help make your home as energy efficient as possible. 

Water Heater (TALO)

Whether your electric water heater is a tried-and-true fixture or a brand-new installation, if it meets our specifications, you could earn a credit on your energy account. 

Water Heater TALO Program

Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program 

Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program funds are collected by BrightRidge and distributed by the Good Samaritan Ministries and Salvation Army to individuals who may need financial assistance to pay their energy bill. 

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