Enhance Your Home's Daily Energy Efficiency With BrightRidge 

Our services help you save energy, make your home more comfortable, and control your costs. 

Saving Energy & Money

BrightRidge has partnered with TVA EnergyRight® to improve your home’s energy efficiency, lower your bill, and live more comfortably. Looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and make informed decisions about energy upgrades? We’re here to help. Uncover energy-saving tips, join an energy management program, or find an electric vehicle that fits your needs.

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Energy Saving Programs

Home Uplift

BrightRidge has partnered with TVA EnergyRight® to bring the Home Uplift Program to our community. Through Home Uplift, income-qualified residents can receive valuable home energy upgrades that will improve their home’s energy efficiency and comfort and lower their utility bills – at no cost to them.

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TVA EnergyRight® Services

TVA EnergyRight® Residential Services is a residential energy efficiency program providing you with a simple way to make your existing home as energy efficient as possible. 

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SmartHub App

Manage AutoPay, View Energy History, Report Service Issues & More. 

SmartHub provides convenient account access and two-way communication with BrightRidge online or via your mobile device. SmartHub is available on Android and iOS Smartphones and tablets. 

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Internet for your home

Internet for Your Home

BrightRidge Broadband offers multiple levels of symmetrical fiber optic service to meet your internet needs. There is no installation fee or deposit required for service. BrightRidge Internet service is month-to-month with no contract term commitment!

Internet for Your Home

Explore Renewables from Brightridge

Solar for your Home

Are you considering installing solar panels?  Research installers and get quotes from reputable solar contractors.  Verify all licensing and certifications of any installers.  And, notify BrightRidge about your project.

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EV Charging

BrightRidge supports electric vehicles in our community by helping provide EV charging stations throughout our service territory. 

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Green Switch

Green Power is an earth-friendly, renewable source of electric energy. Green Power is electricity that is produced or generated by wind power, methane gas, or solar power. You may purchase Green Power in 150 kWh blocks for only $2 per month. 

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Customer Resources

Customer Resources

Need to find information on support, electric safety, or terminology? Check out our resource library.

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If you need to meet with a member of our Customer Service Team, avoid wait times by scheduling an appointment ahead of time. If coming in person, join the queue once you arrive.