Enhance Your Business's Daily Energy Efficiency With BrightRidge 

Our services help you save energy, make your business more efficient, and control your costs. 

Manage Your Business Electric Service

You can easily start, stop or transfer your electric service online. You may also manage your electric service by calling a Customer Service Representative at (423) 952-5000 or in person at BrightRidge. 

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Electric Services

Comprehensive Services

Through our Comprehensive Services Program, BrightRidge partners with TVA to help you resolve any energy-related issues or concerns, as well as develop a strategy that will meet the needs of your business.

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Credits & Incentives

Energy Right Solutions for Business & Industry provides financial assistance to encourage business customers to install efficient equipment that meets their energy needs. Standard and custom incentives are available to help customers reduce project costs and accelerate payback.

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Security Lights

BrightRidge offers the installation of automatic, dusk-to-dawn security lights. Add security by discouraging vandals and prowlers, enhance safety by preventing accidents, and increase outdoor living time for recreation and entertainment.

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SmartHub App

Manage AutoPay, View Energy History, Report Service Issues & More. 

SmartHub provides convenient account access and two-way communication with BrightRidge online or via your mobile device. SmartHub is available on Android and iOS Smartphones and tablets. 

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Customer Resources

Customer Resources

Need to find information on support, electric safety, or terminology? Check out our resource library.

Schedule an In-Person Appointment

If you need to meet with a member of our Customer Service Team, avoid wait times by scheduling an appointment ahead of time. If coming in person, join the queue once you arrive.