Green Switch Renewable Energy


Now you can choose electricity that powers your home in new ways. Green Switch® uses renewable energy resources to help improve the environment in the community where you live.

Green Switch is sold in 200 kWh blocks that cost an additional $2 each month. 

Right now, renewable resources cost more than traditional power generation methods. But by choosing to pay a little more for Green Power Switch, you help advance the technology and increase the amount of electricity generated from cleaner sources. In the spirit of renewability, the dollars from every block of green power you buy go directly back into Green Switch.

Use the Green Power Purchase Calculator to find out how many blocks are needed to match your home’s energy use with renewable energy.  To sign up for Green Switch, please complete the form below. Learn more about Green Switch by visiting TVA’s website. For more information, contact our Energy Services & Marketing Department at (423) 952-5142.