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BrightRidge is committed to serving our communities and corporate citizens to help them prosper.  We work in coordination with multiple stakeholders, including local and state economic development representatives, as well as TVA to help companies locate, stay, and expand within our community.  TVA offers a wide range of Valley Incentive Programs that could benefit your company from start-up to long-term.  

Our staff is committed to providing current, accurate program information. It is our goal to update this site as changes occur. However, programs are subject to change without notice. Customers are encouraged to verify program details with a BrightRidge Key Account Representative.

Energy Right Solutions for Business & Industry

Energy Right Solutions for Business & Industry provides financial assistance to encourage business customers to install efficient equipment that meets their energy needs. Standard and custom incentives are available to help customers reduce project costs and accelerate payback. Incentives are offered in partnership with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Minimum incentives per site is $150 for standard incentive projects and $1,000 for custom projects.

Standard incentives are available for these categories: food services, refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, miscellaneous and NREV (non-road electric vehicles). Pre-approval is required on some measures.

Custom incentives may be available for energy efficiency measures not included on the standard list. Examples of custom incentives include compressed air systems, chillers, IT/data center optimization, process improvements and heating, industrial and agricultural process improvements and building automation. Engineering calculations, work scope and pre-approval is required.  

*All projects must be completed by a member of the Preferred Partners Network (PPN).

*Business vs. Industry. Site NAICS code will determine business or industry.

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Valley Incentive Programs 

Credits and incentives are available to qualifying customers looking to start or expand operations.  Below are economic development and incentive programs offered in coordination with TVA.

Investment Credit

Investment Credit is a performance-based program that rewards qualifying companies for five and ten-year economic and energy commitments on existing or expansion projects.  Minimum power demand, employment and energy usage are required, in addition to other measures.  Awards are applied as a credit to your monthly power bill.

Performance Grant

TVA awards incentives for competitive economic development projects.  Award amounts are paid directly to your company and are based on the five-year economic impact of the project.  Amounts are paid at the discretion of TVA.

Loan Funds

TVA Loan funds are available for companies looking to increase job growth.  Based primarily on jobs and capital investment, loans are awarded up to $3 million dollars with terms ranging from five to twenty years based on collateral.

Security Deposit Coverage

Also available to new or expanding commercial and industrial customers, the Security Deposit Program gives qualifying customers a deposit alternative.  This program allows a waiver to electric deposits for up to five years. 


Electric Forklift Program

Electric forklifts have lower operating costs, less emissions, less maintenance, and quieter operation. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) incentivizes the replacement of internal combustion forklifts to electric powered forklifts. Incentives are available for a limited time for the replacement of internal combustion forklifts with electric powered forklifts. You can receive $2,000 per replaced forklift (purchase) or $1,000 (leased) when you make the switch.

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Electric Forklift