Get Connected


A man and a woman sit at a table with a laptop, a notebook, and papers. The man is reading a document while the woman looks at him smiling.
Winter Is Here
January – March, 2024

This edition features Preparing and Managing Your Winter Electric Bills, Enhancing the Grid, Preparing for Outages, Attaching Items to Poles, TVA EnergyRight Programs & Updates and the most recent BrightRidge Broadband update.

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Home Uplift
New Energy Efficiency Rebates
October – December, 2023

This edition features the New Energy Efficiency Rebates Announcement, a BrightSpots by BrightRidge update, “Flipping the Switch” on the new Solar Learning Lab, and the most recent BrightRidge Broadband update.

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A group of people, wearing hard hats and holding shovels, participate in a groundbreaking ceremony at an outdoor site. A banner in the background displays the event’s details. Two utility trucks are visible.
Breaking New Ground
July – September, 2023

This edition features the Solar Learning Lab, a BrightSpot by BrightRidge update, an EV Fast Charging Station Announcement and the most recent BrightRidge Broadband update.

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A man and woman sit at a table, reviewing documents together. A laptop and a coffee mug are also on the table.
Budget Billing Program
April – June, 2023

This edition features the Budget Billing Program, an Introduction to BrightSpots by BrightRidge in our community, 2022 Investing in Our Future Award, and the most recent BrightRidge Broadband update. 

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A small white model house wrapped in a red knitted scarf sits on a white surface in front of a window.
Managing Your Winter Electric Bill
January – March, 2023

This edition features How We Can Help You Prepare and Manage Your Winter Electric Bill, TVA Top Performer Award, and a BrightRidge Broadband update on adding our 10,000th customer coming up this month! 

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Two individuals in business attire shaking hands, symbolizing agreement or partnership, with a blurred blue and beige background.
The Power of Partnership
October – December, 2022

This edition of Get Connected features The Power of Partnership, SmartHub App, Residential Electric Bills, Power Blinks & Outages, and an update from BrightRidge Broadband. 

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