Budget Billing Form


Managing your budget is much easier when you know what to expect each month.  With our Budget Billing Program, you can receive predictable energy bills based on your average energy usage.  How does this help you?  Easy, when there are extreme temperature differences, such as when it’s very hot or very cold outside, you may avoid high, seasonal bills with Budget Billing. 

Applications are only accepted:  April 1st through May 31st

Budget Billing – Q & A

You only pay for the amount of electricity you use.  Simply, your annual energy usage is spread into 12 convenient monthly payments.  To determine your monthly payments, we take an average of your energy usage for the past year and bill it at the current rate.  This allows you to pay equal amounts for a one-year period or near equal amounts depending on the Budget Billing Program you choose.  If there is a change in your energy usage from year-to-year or month-to-month, your average bill may slightly change.

You may apply for Budget Billing by following the links in the “call to action boxes” below.  Applications are only accepted:  April 1st through May 31st

No, you may only sign up for Budget Billing between April 1st through May 31st.  If you currently do NOT participate in Budget Billing, please mark your calendar with this reminder:  “Sign up for Budget Billing April 1st through May 31st.” 

Either Budget Billing Program, Rolling or Fixed, will enable you to avoid high-seasonal bills.  The primary difference between the two programs are:

Rolling Budget has no year-end settle-up bill.  Your monthly budget amount varies slightly from month-to-month depending on your energy usage. 

If you participate in the Fixed Budget Program, there is an end-of-year settle-up bill, which is typically in June or July.  Depending on your energy usage throughout the year, there may be a debit or credit.  If the previous year was unseasonably hot or cold and energy usage was higher-than-normal, you should expect a debit, and you will be billed for any energy used at the applicable kWh rate.  If the previous year’s weather was mild causing energy usage to be less-than-normal, you should expect a credit on your account and may request a refund check.

  • Budget Billing Program is only available for residential customers.
  • A zero balance on your account is required before the application will be processed.
  • You must have a twelve-month account history.  (Some exceptions may apply.)
  • Monthly payments must be paid by the due-date each month.

By submitting this Budget Billing form, I am in complete understanding of the details of this agreement. Upon notification, I understand this agreement may be cancelled by the BrightRidge or myself at any time (proper identification is required). I agree to pay the budget amount on or before the due date each billing period. If I fail to comply with this requirement, I understand my account will no longer qualify for Budget Plans and all unpaid balance will become due at that time.