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Customer-owned Solar

Renewable energy systems, such as solar arrays, can offer many benefits for your home. Ensuring the solar panels are professionally and safely installed is important. As you consider options at your home or business, please be aware that BrightRidge must be notified of any solar or battery storage installation on our system.  Customers must submit detailed design plans to BrightRidge Engineering prior to installation. Contact BrightRidge for information on requirements and policies for customer-owned generation systems.


  • Get quotes from multiple companies.
  • Carefully read terms of any contract.
  • Ask for references and check reviews.
  • Verify licensing and certification.
  • Ask questions if anything is not clear.

It’s really important that you, the customer, verify any company and their employees to ensure they have current licenses and certifications such as business and electrical licenses, NABCEP certification (, or other local requirements. Installers must adhere to all local building codes, purchase required permits, and pass all post-installation inspections. BrightRidge will inspect each system to ensure it has been safely installed. Each system MUST be inspected by state or city inspectors and receive approval before the system is connected.

Online tools such as TVA’s Solar Calculator ( can also assist you in determining the proper solar array size for your home, estimated annual generation, number of solar panels, and estimated costs and payback.


  • What is the estimated cost and payback for installing renewable energy?
  • Where can I buy these systems?
  • How much does the average generation system cost?
  • Is financing available?
  • What if I have a renewable energy system and am interested in selling the generation?
  • What if I choose to install solar and use the generation?