Martin Solar Farm

Located in rural Washington County, this 9MW (dc) solar farm is capable of producing enough electricity to power more than 1,000 homes every year.

Martin Solar Farm
Flipping the Switch on the Martin Solar Farm | January 13, 2022. Left to right: Jenny Brock (BrightRidge Board Member), Don Moul (TVA EVP and COO), James Smith (BrightRidge Board Member), Matt Kisber (Silicon Ranch Co-Founder & Chairman), Jim Haselsteiner (BrightRidge Board Member), Gary Mabry (BrightRidge Board Member), & Jeff Dykes (BrightRidge President & CEO)

Looking Towards a Brighter Future

Consisting of over 25,000 panels on 100 acres, the solar farm is expected to generate 19 million kilowatt hours annually and produce zero carbon emissions. The system features ground mounted single-axis tracking panels using bi-facial technology. They track the sun as it moves, but also maximizes production by reflecting sun light on to the back of the panel in front of the first panel. BrightRidge is the first utility to utilize this bi-facial technology in the Valley.

Named in honor of the late Ralph Martin, an area farmer who served many years of the board of directors of BrightRidge, the Martin Solar Farm began generating in January of 2022. It was the first solar farm completed under TVA’s Generation Flexibility Program (GFP). TVA’s GFP was designed to encourage local power companies to develop distributed generation facilities to provide local solutions to the renewable needs of customers, while also improving the carbon position of the region.

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