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Budget Billing

Managing your budget is much easier when you know what to expect each month.  With our Budget Billing Program, you can receive predictable energy bills based on your average energy usage.  How does this help you?  Easy, when there are extreme temperature differences, such as when it’s very hot or very cold outside, you may avoid high, seasonal bills with Budget Billing. 

Applications are only accepted:  April 1st through May 31st


Budget Billing - Q & A

  • How it works?
  • How can I apply for Budget Billing?
  • Can I sign up for Budget Billing at any time?
  • Which Budget Billing Program is best for me – Rolling Budget or Fixed Budget?
  • What are the program requirements?
  • Terms of Service

Fixed Budget

Expect a year-end settle-up bill in June or July (either debit/credit; depending on weather).

Rolling Budget

No year-end settle-up bill.  Monthly budget varies slightly from month-to-month.

Paperless Billing

Hassle-free means to manage your energy bill. Manage your account with your mobile device.