New Construction requirements


BrightRidge is committed to providing safe, reliable electric service at a reasonable cost. Our employees understand that meeting construction needs, and timely scheduling are also important. Follow these steps to expedite the process for obtaining electric service for new construction:

  1. Obtain a 911 address.
    1. City of Johnson City Building Division: 423-434-6047
    2. Town of Jonesborough 423-753-1030
    3. Washington County: (423) 753-1587
    4. Sullivan County: (423) 323-2034
  2. Schedule an appointment.
    Schedule an appointment with the BrightRidge Engineering Department by calling (423) 952-5034. The Engineering Department will provide a work order number for the job.  Allow 
three to four days for appointment scheduling.
  3. Obtain an electrical permit from the State Electrical Inspector.
    Purchase electric permits online.  Call (615) 741-7170 for additional information. 
  4. Inspections and Service Orders required.

*All construction charges must be paid before a service order can be made.
*It is the customer’s responsibility to contact BrightRidge to request service.

Temporary Service Requirements

  1. Electrical Inspection
  2. Temporary services order may be obtained by calling a BrightRidge Customer Service Representative at (423) 952-5000.
    If you plan to use the same temporary for more than one house, BrightRidge requires the temporary to have the address of the LAST house being built. If this is not possible, there will be a temporary service order required for each address.

Permanent Service Requirements

  1. Electrical inspection
  2. Obtain a permanent service order from a Customer Support Representative at (423) 952-5000.

*Electricians please advise the customer of the need to apply for permanent power. However, the service may be required (by the city) to go into the contractor’s name first.
*Under no circumstances will power be connected without an inspection and service order.