BrightRidge, TVA issue Renewable Energy Certificates to BrightRidge Solar customers


For immediate release May 4, 2020

JOHNSON CITY – After a full year of electric generation at the region’s first solar farm in Telford, BrightRidge and the Tennessee Valley Authority are issuing 840 Renewable Energy Certificates to 62 BrightRidge Solar participants, including Washington County Schools.

Constructed in partnership with BrightRidge, TVA and Nashville-based Silicon Ranch, the Telford solar farm generates 5 megawatts (MW), with .5 MW allocated to fuel the BrightRidge Solar community project.

“BrightRidge is proud to partner with TVA and Silicon Ranch to expand the share of solar energy in TVA’s electric generation portfolio,” BrightRidge CEO Jeff Dykes said Monday. “We appreciate that our region is forward looking as well, with many customers eager to see cleaner energy solutions powering their daily lives. Through BrightRidge Solar, we provided the first community solar opportunity where customers reap the benefits of solar energy without the individual expense and upkeep of maintaining private solar panels.”

Renewable Energy Certificates address the fact that electric customers have no way to determine how or where the electricity they use was generated, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. RECs allow for the crediting of alternative generation to both the producer and end user of alternative energy. Since beginning production in December 2018, BrightRidge solar has generated 10.5GWh (GigaWatt hours) of electricity, thereby avoiding the burning of 870 tons of coal while powering more than 500 homes every year.

“Thanks to strong partnerships, BrightRidge continues to lead the way for the region, whether in high-speed 10 Gb Broadband, electric vehicle charging, or alternative energy,” Dykes said. “BrightRidge has a 75-year history of powering the region’s economy through foundational networks that enable our region to succeed. We are pleased to deliver these Renewable Energy Certificates to BrightRidge Solar customers in recognition of their assistance in helping us build a cleaner economy along the way.”

RECs will be awarded annually to program participants for the 20-year life of the project. The 40-acre solar farm in Telford generates solar power from 41,760 solar panel modules

About BrightRidge

BrightRidge is a publicly owned electric utility serving 83,671 customers in Washington, Sullivan, Carter and Greene counties. It is the 10th largest local power company in the Tennessee Valley Authority service area. BrightRidge Broadband, a division of BrightRidge, offers nation-leading 10GB symmetrical fiber-to-the-premise services to more than 30,000 locations in its service area.