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A metal sculpture with colorful geometric shapes, including blue, green, and red, attached to its branches, stands illuminated at night in front of a modern building with large windows.
June 14, 2023

BrightRidge honored by TVA for investment in energy saving programs

JOHNSON CITY – BrightRidge was honored at is regular Board of Directors meeting this week with the 2022 Investing in Our Future Award from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for its exceptional efforts to support eleven local schools in TVA EnergyRight’s School Uplift program. “Our Energy Services personnel are constantly looking for…

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People standing near an electric car charging at a station, with several other vehicles parked and charging in the background. The car has a 100% electric powered label on its side.
November 25, 2022
BrightRidge to issue $2.66 million Recovery Credit to customers in February & July; bumps Internet speeds at no cost to customers

JOHNSON CITY – BrightRidge Directors voted unanimously Tuesday to pass along its full Tennessee Valley Authority Pandemic Recovery Credit to residential and small commercial customers, providing $2.66 million in bill relief in in 2023. The credits will be issued twice, in February and July, and will average between $12-$20 per credit…

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BrightRidge sign with logo and address 2600 stands in front of a green lawn, three flagpoles, and a large building under a clear blue sky.
October 31, 2022
BrightRidge Broadband files injunction over “Brightspeed” branding by Apollo Global

JOHNSON CITY – BrightRidge Broadband has filed in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Tennessee seeking an injunction against Apollo Global Management, a New York City based private equity firm that recently completed the $7.5 billion purchase of the former CenturyLink/Lumen Technologies assets in 20 states including Tennessee.

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BrightRidge logo featuring colorful overlapping triangles in red, blue, and green above the company name in blue text.
October 28, 2022
Nearly $900,000 in electric system deposits to be returned in February

JOHNSON CITY – About 4,113 BrightRidge Electric residential customers will receive a refund of their deposit in February thanks to their strong payment history, recouping nearly $900,000 collectively that would have otherwise been held until an account was closed. Prior to the policy change approved by the BrightRidge Board of Directors…

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Two men are standing in an office setting. The man on the left, in a striped shirt, is holding an award from TVA EnergyRight, while the man on the right, in a suit and tie, is congratulating him.
October 6, 2022

JOHNSON CITY – BrightRidge has been recognized as a “Top Performer” by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for its efforts to help the community achieve energy efficiency and save money through the TVA EnergyRight Home Uplift program. Home Uplift, funded by BrightRidge and TVA at $521,000 for the current fiscal year…

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A red plug icon is superimposed on a grayscale map featuring regional boundaries and locations, including Johnson City and Murphy Field.
July 29, 2022
Power line maintenance to require temporary outages Monday in downtown Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY – To ensure the safety of BrightRidge tree-trimming contractors, power will be disconnected from 8:30 a.m. to noon on Monday, August 1, to about 25 homes in the 500 block of Highland Avenue and 600 Block of Lamont Street. Power will be reconnected during the lunch hour, but disconnected again at 1 p.m. until…

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A group of men in suits and jackets stands around a sign in a solar farm, with rows of solar panels visible in the background.
July 5, 2022
BrightRidge holds the line on rates for fourth year; BrightRidge Broadband rollout moves up schedule by 2 years, holds rates steady

JOHNSON CITY – For a fourth year in a row, BrightRidge is holding electric rates flat with no increase, while the Broadband Division also holds rates flat as it accelerates construction to include phases 5-6 and finishing all planned phases two years earlier than projected. BrightRidge Directors approved both electric and broadband…

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Brightridge Broadband logo
July 5, 2022
Red Dog Technologies, Washington County & BrightRidge reach agreement on data center

JOHNSON CITY – An agreement has been approved by the Washington County Commission, Red Dog Technologies and BrightRidge that allows Red Dog to continue operating in Limestone while a new site is prepared. The agreement, approved Thursday night by the Washington County Commission, was approved by the BrightRidge Board…

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BrightRidge logo featuring colorful overlapping triangles in red, blue, and green above the company name in blue text.
February 23, 2022
BrightRidge recognized as 18-year Tree Line USA member by Arbor Day Foundation

JOHNSON CITY – BrightRidge has been recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation for its 18th year of participation in the Tree Line USA program. Tree Line USA is a national program designed to protect and preserve America’s urban forests by disseminating best practices in tree trimming that recognize the need to deliver safe and reliable…

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Map highlighting regions with color-coded areas, some with labels like "Highlands" circled in red. There are names of places and roads throughout, and the map appears to show regional boundaries.
February 21, 2022
BrightRidge Broadband offers low-cost broadband to eligible customers through ACP

JOHNSON CITY – BrightRidge Broadband is participating in the new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a $14 billion program created by Congress to assist lower income households with broadband affordability. ACP offers up to $30 per month towards monthly broadband bills for eligible customers. “BrightRidge Broadband offers…

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