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Electrical Safety

Safety First!

Electricity is so easy to use that we sometimes forget how dangerous it is. Did you know there is enough electrical current in a small, electric Christmas tree light-bulb to stop your heart? Hundreds of electrocutions, thousands of shock and burn injuries, as well as thousands of fires occur each year as a result of electricity-related incidents.

Often, electrical injuries can be avoided by implementing basic safety precautions. Please review the electrical safety tips below to learn how you can protect yourself and others from electrical injuries. Don't be a victim! 


Electrical Safety Tips

  • Call Before You Dig!
  • Generator Safety
  • Indoor Safety
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Work Safety



Safety Tips - Installing Insulation

A home’s insulation is vital for both comfort and energy efficiency. Properly installed insulation in ceilings, walls and floors helps keep warm and cool air inside your home. It is also important to know how to install insulation safely.

Be mindful of protective gear and clothing such as a work helmet or hard hat, safety glasses, and a dust mask. It is also a good idea to cover yourself with long-sleeve shirts, pants, and gloves to protect your skin. Be sure to wash your hands after handling insulation and wash clothes separately from other clothing. Additional safety concerns are utility knives for cutting insulation. Make sure these are retractable or sheathed so that the blade is not exposed when the knife is not being used. Other required tools may include a tape measure, stapling tool, putty knife, screwdriver, and caulk.

Safety both before and after installation should always be considered. Avoid placing insulation close to heat-producing devices such as furnaces and light fixtures. Also, avoid insulation over attic vents. Moisture control should also be considered. Ensure that the vapor barrier (paper side) is placed toward the living space to prevent moisture from accumulating, which may cause rotting.

If you are unsure about how to properly install insulation, contact a qualified insulation contractor. Make sure you locate a reputable contractor and obtain an estimate from at least three contractors. Research contractors' work through references and contact the BrightRidge Energy Services & Marketing Department at (423) 952-5142 for recommended R-value insulation levels. Carefully examine any contractual agreements with regards to warranties and other details.

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