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Water Heater (TALO)

BrightRidge TALO Program

Existing or newly installed electric water heaters meeting the BrightRidge specifications may qualify for a credit on your energy account with the installation of a BrightRidge TALO device. BrightRidge does NOT install nor sell electric water heaters.  The incentive is for the installation of the TALO device(s).  Multiple TALO devices may be installed, and may qualify for incentives, provided there are additional qualifying water heaters available for TALO device installs. Some exclusions may apply. Contact BrightRidge Energy Services & Marketing at (423) 952-5142 for clarification.

Customer Benefits

You may qualify for the following benefits:

  1. $40 incentive for installation of new, electric water heater (credit on bill)
  2. Free water heater element replacement
  3. Free water heater mechanical thermostat replacement
  4. Personal satisfaction – working together to keep rates as low as possible.



Sign up for TALO and receive a one-time $40 credit, as well as free maintenance on your water heater elements and thermostats. (Electric water heaters only.)

Sign up for TALO



TALO Program

  • Instructions to Participate
  • What’s Take A Load Off (TALO)?
  • How does TALO work – water heaters?
  • How do I know if I qualify as a TALO participant?
  • Can I participate if I live in an apartment or rent?
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