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You can easily start, transfer, or stop your electric service online by using the appropriate forms below. You may also manage your electric service by calling a Customer Service Representative at (423) 952-5000 or in person at BrightRidge.

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Welcome to BrightRidge! We look forward to serving you. 

Transfer Electric Service

Need to transfer your electric service to a new address? 

Stop Electric Service

Thank you for the opportunity to have served! 

BrightRidge offers 10 Gig High-Speed Internet!

BrightRidge Broadband is working daily to build our fiber optic and wireless infrastructures so that we may soon connect you to the world.  We appreciate your patience during our phased roll-out.  The BrightRidge Broadband deployment plan was developed by Magellan-Advisors, a consulting firm that specializes in community broadband deployments.  Multiple density and feasibility studies have been conducted to determine which areas shall be served first. 

BrightRidge customers have been very supportive of our efforts to provide high-speed internet. Please be advised that you will be directly contacted by a BrightRidge representative either by phone, email, or direct mail when BrightRidge Broadband service is available at your location. 

State of TN Electric Permits

Electric permits may be purchased online.  Call (615) 741-7170 for additional information.

Fees & Deposits

New Construction Requirements

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