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Administration Directory


Jeff Dykes


(423) 952-5040

Administrative Assistant to CEO

Ceilya Campbell

Administrative Assistant to CEO/Executive Secretary

(423) 952-5039


Bolling, Brian

Brian Bolling

CFO & Chief Customer Officer

(423) 952-5124

Crouch, Connie

Connie Crouch

Chief Employee Relations Officer

(423) 952-5162

Eades, Mark

Mark Eades

Chief Engineering & Technology Officer

(423) 952-5028

Egan, Eric

Eric Egan

Chief Data Officer

(423) 952-5009

Evans, Stacy

Stacy Evans

Chief Broadband Officer

(423) 952-5198

Metcalf, Rodney

Rodney Metcalf

Chief Operations Officer

(423) 952-5186