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Careers at BrightRidge

Employees are the most important resource at BrightRidge. Without them, it would be impossible to deliver electricity to our 78,600 metered-customers. There are numerous job opportunities throughout the utility industry. Educational levels for positions vary from High School Diploma to various levels of degree. BrightRidge offers an excellent work environment, career development, flexible work schedules, and competitive pay and benefits.

Employment opportunities for BrightRidge are generally advertised via local newspapers, various utility periodicals, and on this website. Resumes and/or applications are only accepted when job openings exist. BrightRidge is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Affirmative Action Employer, including disability/vets, and a TN drug-free workplace.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement 

    Date Posted: 09/02/22

    BrightRidge has an opening in the Engineering Department for a System Design Engineer.  Below is a copy of the  job description:


    JOB SUMMARY:                                                          

    Study, monitor, and adjust the transmission and distribution systems to improve efficiency and reliability. Aid in the design and update of all BrightRidge electrical systems, and support systems, both new and existing.  Provide design, and support for additional BrightRidge systems and packages, such as fiber, AMI, OMS, CVR, DLC, transmission and distribution automation, communication systems, intelligent electric systems, load studies, and fault calculations.


    • Design one – and three–line diagrams; schematics and wiring diagrams; control and relay panel layouts and specifications; control and relay panels and wiring diagrams; equipment wiring diagrams.
    • Serve as a technical resource for operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and safety investigations associated with protective relaying systems.
    • Assist field engineers and the engineering department in power line design.
    • Prepare construction work orders and construction drawings for the construction of new power lines and the upgrades of existing power lines.
    • Determine, define, and acquire right-of-ways for the construction and maintenance of new or existing power lines.
    • Develop switching procedures as required for construction purposes.
    • Prepare work orders and construction drawings for power line relocation due to state and local government road construction and/or relocation projects.
    • Monitor the loading of transmission and distribution lines as well as substations to determine the need for upgrades.
    • Assist with keeping the system feeders’ phases in balance.
    • Determine the use of new construction equipment and materials.
    • Stay informed of National Electrical Safety Codes and ensure the system complies.
    • Stay abreast of new materials, equipment, and engineering designs of electrical facilities.
    • Aid in the design and update of all BrightRidge electrical facilities and systems, including transmission and distribution, substations, field equipment, automation design, SCADA, AMI systems, fiber systems, and miscellaneous support systems both present and future.
    • Monitor and coordinate the systemwide pole inspection program.
    • Perform load studies and fault calculation studies.
    • Interview sales and/or factory representatives to gain awareness of changes in materials, equipment, and supplies.
    • Prepare requests for special materials and equipment.
    • Specify and requisition special types of equipment.
    • Assist in the restoration of power during outages.
    • Monitor and correct the electrical system parameters.
    • Prepare documents for joint use structures with the telephone company.
    • Prepare power contracts for commercial customers.
    • Work closely with Marketing on Green Power Products.
    • Ability to maintain reliable, predictable, and reasonable attendance.


    • Must maintain a valid driver's license from the state of residence.
    • Maintain assigned vehicle.
    • Perform other duties as requested or assigned.
    • Must be available for after-hours work, which would include working fair share of all necessary overtime.
    • Perform as on-call supervisor as scheduled on a rotating basis; available for call-in whenever needed.


    • Must maintain competency in the study, design, and construction of all aspects of the electric utility industry
    • Working knowledge of generation, transmission relaying, distribution relaying, and fast transfer technology.
    • Broad technical background with extensive experience in protective relay system design, coordination, setting, programming, and troubleshooting.
    • Must have excellent computer skills; capable of using software packages such as Microsoft Office products, Windmil, LightTable, and AutoCAD.  
    • Must be able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing.
    • Must be able to stay abreast of new developments in engineering, as well as the broader area of the electric utility industry.
    • Must have the ability to determine the proper applications of power equipment.

     PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Position requires communication; depth perception; frequent forward bending; sitting; handling; fine manipulation; and arm/hand use for machine control operation. 

     WORKING CONDITIONS:  50% outside, in varying weather conditions walking long distances on uneven terrain in a non-temperature-controlled environment. 50% inside, in normal office conditions. 


    • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.
    • 5+ years in the field of electric power line systems desired.

    BrightRidge wishes to be in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  In accordance with the Act, we will make reasonable accommodations to any person who needs such accommodation, whether a new hire or a current employee, if the person is fully qualified for the position.  These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed.  Since jobs tend to change over time, Employees will be required to perform other job-related marginal duties as required without a formal update of the job description.

    Qualified applicants should submit an application, cover letter, resume, and salary requirements by September 30, 2022.

  • Information Security Administrator
    Date Posted: 07/28/22

    BrightRidge has an opening for an Information Security Administrator.  A description of the positions and instructions on how to apply are listed below:

    JOB SUMMARY:                                                          

    The Information Security Administrator will provide network and systems security monitoring and proactive remediation for all BrightRidge technology systems. Acts as a liaison with internal and external entities, developing policies and procedures.  Proactively monitors standards and regulatory requirements.  Partners with staff to support security compliance and audit programs, establish assessments, manage and track risk mitigation and remediation activities.


     Administers security policies and/or hardware/software for existing computer networks and systems. Works with Network Administrator and other personnel to develop, implement and monitor all aspects of cyber security for all current and planned networks. 

    • Evaluate network and systems changes/expansions for security compliance.
    • Performs security audits and conducts other functions independently or jointly with technical assistance from IT personnel and other BrightRidge departments.
    • Makes recommendations on appropriate security levels for personnel, physical access, and technical security controls.
    • Manage external vendor relationships for Cyber Security services.
    • Develops Information Security policies and procedures in accordance with FERC, NERC, NIST, ISO and/or other internal or external standards, regulations or needs.
    • Confers and coordinates with end-users, consultants and field personnel for the purpose of clarifying detailed network and computer security requirements and operating procedures.
    • Prepares and/or assists with the development of company standards such as security procedures and computing equipment specifications
    • Acts as liaison with Auditors and management staff regarding information security issues
    • Monitors the legal and regulatory landscape to proactively address Information Security requirements.
    • Develops and delivers appropriate end-user presentations, documentation and training materials to promote information security awareness company-wide.
    • Partners with internal staff to develop technical tools to manage information security compliance and audit requirements.
    • Reviews latest technical publications and other documentations and/or standards to remain current on new technology and equipment related to computing security and network/systems design, analysis and maintenance applications.
    • Conducts studies to evaluate the feasibility of new technology and estimates resources required to implement new applications.
    • Develops and maintains detailed setup procedures (including documentation) for security-related hardware and software used company-wide and for specific applications or networks.
    • Monitors network and personal computers for compliance with all computer-related policies.
    • Daily reviews security auditing tools and logs for unusual activity and responds appropriately.
    • Performs periodic audits of security risk assessments for all functions within the company.
    • Evaluate solutions and compliance of existing and new IT systems for Zero Trust security architecture.
    • Maintain knowledge of external cloud services and utilize appropriate perform security monitoring. Monitor remote access to cloud services.
    • Ability to maintain reliable, predictable and reasonable attendance.


    • Perform other duties as requested or assigned.
    • Must maintain a valid driver’s license from state of residence.
    • Must be available for after-hours work which would include working fair share of all necessary overtime.


    • Excellent knowledge of IT systems and workflows utilized by BrightRidge.
    • Knowledge of BrightRidge departments and their functions.
    • Knowledge of Information Technology best practices.
    • Experience in an Information Security corporate environment.
    • Experience in IT Audit, IT Risk, system administration, network and application security concepts.
    • Experience with and understanding of NIST and NERC Standards including NERC CIP. 
    • Direct experience or exposure to the following technologies: Windows, Linux, or other UNIX operating systems, SSO, LDAP, Java, XML, Azure Active Directory, Active Directory Domain Administration.
    • Expertise following Governance and Access Control models required.
    • In-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance requirements and risk management, including methodologies and tools.
    • Must be able to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing.
    • Possess excellent time-management skills.


    Position requires occasional lifting of up to 20 lbs.  Frequent lifting of lesser amounts is required as well as lowering, carrying, static position (head/neck), standing, walking, sitting, talking and simple grasp.  Constant vision, hearing, depth perception and arm/hand use for machine control operation are required. 


    Most work is done in an indoor, climate-controlled environment.  However, occasional work is done in substations where there may be dim light, no temperature control and would require the ability to walk on uneven terrain. 


    • Five years prior experience using information security or related IT experience, or equivalent combination of education and experiences.
    • CISSP, CISA or other security certifications desired.
    • Knowledge of Utility business practices preferred.
    • A. Degree in Computer Science or similar security major preferred. Equivalent professional training and experience in Cyber Security may substitute for a B.A. Degree.


    EEO/Affirmative Action Employer/Disability/Vet/TNDFWP


    Applicants should complete the application via this website and include a resume, cover letter, and salary requirements.

    Only qualified applicants are considered.

    BrightRidge wishes to be in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  In accordance with the Act, we will make reasonable accommodation to any person who needs such accommodation, whether a new hire or a current employee, assuming that the person is fully qualified for the position.

    These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed.  Since jobs tend to change over time, employees will be required to perform other job-related marginal duties as required without a formal update of the job description.

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BrightRidge is currently accepting applications for the above-listed positions.

Serving Our Community

BrightRidge employees are dedicated to providing great service to its customers, as well as supporting our community through individual volunteer opportunities.  Our employees are truly are greatest asset, and they are truly very service-minded.  We are glad for the opportunity to serve you!

BrightRidge Broadband Partners

BrightRidge is excited to offer you full broadband services, including high-speed internet, voice, and video. In order that we may meet our eight-year phased roll-out, we are securing partnerships with other contractors. Current employment opportunities may be available with these contractors:  Ontrac (Submit Resume to Ontrac) and Quanta Telecom Services (Submit Resume to Quanta Telecom Services). Both contractors have many years experience in the fiber connectivity/broadband industry.

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