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Electric Products for Your Business

BrightRidge Broadband

Let BrightRidge connect you to the world! Learn more about our dynamic broadband products at the new Now available in certain areas -- High-Speed Internet, Video, and Voice.

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Ultrasound (Air Leak) Inspection

Compressed air is utilized a lot in many industries and businesses.  It takes a lot to convert surrounding air into clean, usable compressed air, and compressed air systems are usually one of the most cost energy users in many facilities.  We can help identify compressed air leak inefficiencies.  Contact your Key Account Representative to learn more.

Infrared Scans

What you can't see could hurt you -- affecting safety, quality, and the bottom line.  Multiple industrial electrical or mechanical problems can occur during a temperature increase of 10*C or more.  Through CSP, BrightRidge can help identify these "hotspots" and make recommendations for repair before profits are lost.

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