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Closed for MLK Day

BrightRidge offices will be closed Monday, January 18th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Thank you!


Commercial Rate Components Defined

Understanding commercial utility rates can be confusing as your energy bill is made up of various components.  Commercial electric rates vary.  Commercial rates are determined by the type of business and its demand for energy.  Click HERE for commercial utility rates. 

Commercial Rate Components Defined

  • Base Service
  • FCA Rates
  • DCRA Rates
  • On peak & off peak kW
  • On peak & off peak kWh
  • On peak & off peak kVA
  • kWh or energy usage
  • kW or demand
  • Power Factor
  • Load Factor
  • Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA)
  • Facilities Rental
  • Reactive Demand
  • Security Lights
  • Investment
  • Tax