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Broadband Update

Providing Broadband Access to Our Community

As the coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of our lives, those who have been homebound without access to high-speed internet have encountered even more challenges. The pandemic has changed the way we shop, work, learn, socialize, travel, and play. With financial grant assistance from the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development, BrightRidge completed a 65-mile fiber-optic network expansion in December that provides broadband services to 647 previously unserved customers in the Bomantown, Ducktown, Glendale, Big Sandy, and Pleasant Valley areas of Washington County. Over 70% of the homes in that service area have activated services with BrightRidge Broadband. In addition to those customers, there are 1,051 more homes in the surrounding areas that will have options for our fiberoptic services over the next several months. This grant also allowed BrightRidge to provide free public WiFi services to all 16 of the Washington County schools, 3 Johnson City schools, 3 Sullivan County schools, and 6 community buildings in Washington County. These free services can be used by students and the public who lack internet access at home.

Progress Update

Beginning in mid-January, we began activating services for sections of Phase 3. The third phase of our broadband network expansion will extend BrightRidge Broadband’s fiber services to over 8,000 homes and businesses in the Gray and Boones Creek communities. As we complete each section, mailers are being sent to customers to notify them when High-Speed Internet, Video, and Voice services are available at their location. Construction for Phase 3 will be complete by July 1st.

WHY SWITCH? Top Reasons to Switch to BrightRidge Broadband

  • NO HASSLE - We have local support and the customer service you trust. We are committed to providing you a hassle-free experience!
  • NO CONTRACTS - With BrightRidge Broadband, there are no contract commitments for residential customers. Make life easier with our month-to-month contracts!
  • NO DATA CAPS - Say “no” to data caps or hidden usage fees! Why should you pay extra for using your internet service?
  • NEXT GEN FIBER - Get Next Gen internet service on our new fiber-optic network! It’s highly reliable and not impacted by rain and cold weather like traditional coaxial and copper wiring.
  • NO GIMMICKS - Our pricing is clear! We don’t offer introductory pricing that increases after your first year. BrightRidge Broadband is competitively priced and gimmick free!
  • PACKAGE SAVING - Package your High-Speed Internet, Video, and Voice together for great savings! Call your friends at BrightRidge today and let us build you the perfect broadband experience.

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