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New Builders 

Acquiring Electric Service: New Construction

Make the process of obtaining service for new construction as trouble-free as possible.  Follow our five-step process:

  1. Obtain a 911 Address. You must provide BrightRidge with a valid 911 address before you can apply for electrical service.  Call the phone number for the county in which you are building to obtain a 911 address.


Phone Number

Carter County

(423) 543-0911

Greene County

(423) 638-8663

Johnson City

(423) 434-6188


(423) 434-6077

Town of Jonesborough

(423) 753-1030

Sullivan County



(423) 279-7606

Washington County

(423) 928-9111


  1. Schedule “spotting of service” (site visit) and meter location. Contact BrightRidge Engineering at (423) 952-5034 to schedule an appointment.


  1. Obtain an electrical inspection permit. (If an electrician is completing the work on your behalf, their state registration number is required in order to purchase the permit.)


Contact Information

Johnson City Residents

Johnson City - Building Department, City Municipal Safety Building: (423) 434-6047

Washington County Residents

BrightRidge - Engineering Department: (423) 952-5034

Kingsport Residents

Building Inspector, (423) 224-2718 County Electrical Permits, (423) 354-0303 City Electrical Permits, (423) 224-2858

  1. Apply for electrical service. Contact the BrightRidge Customer Service Department at (423) 952-5000 or complete an online application.  Click HERE for application for new electric service.
  2. Schedule an electrical inspection with the State of Tennessee Electrical Inspector.


Contact Information

Johnson City Residents

(423) 434-6047 (Call 24 hours in advance to request inspection)

County Residents

(423) 282-6742 (Office hours:  Monday - Thursday 8am to 9:30am)

Kingsport Residents

(423) 224-2415

Once these requirements have been met and the inspection has passed, service will be provided to the new construction site.

NOTE: If you install underground permanent service, BrightRidge requires an underground temporary service be used to prevent additional charges. If you install an overhead temporary service, that is inconsistent with BrightRidge's policy, there will be a $275 charge to convert the overhead temporary to underground permanent. This charge is in addition to the $700 pedestal fee required for underground permanent service.

* Verify Rates Our staff is committed to providing current and accurate rate information. It is our goal to update this site as changes occur. However, rates are subject to change without notice. Verify rates with a BrightRidge representative.