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Welcome to BrightRidge!

BrightRidge has been serving the energy needs of Jo1950's linemen pichnson City and surrounding areas since 1945.  However, many of you remember us as "Johnson City Power Board" or, simply, the "Power Board."  On October 3, 2017, our company experienced a significant change in its history.  We changed our name.  That's it -- we changed our name.  There was no corporate buy-out.  We are still local people serving local people.

We changed our name from Johnson City Power Board to BrightRidge so that we could better position ourselves for the future.  The name BrightRidge provides better marketability for potential new programs and services, such as, broadband.  Furthermore, our new name better reflects our service territory. BrightRidge provides services to all of Washington County, as well as parts of Sullivan, Carter, and Greene Counties.

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