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eScore Program

eScore is a residential energy efficiency program providing you with a simple way to make your existing home as energy-efficient as possible. eScore includes an on-site energy evaluation by a certified BrightRidge Energy Advisor. Qualifying participants may receive cash incentives and financing for electrification measures and specific energy efficiency home improvements. 

In order to qualify for the eScore program incentives, customers must permit BrightRidge to install a TALO device on at least one water heater in the home, follow BrightRidge’s pre and post inspection process, and utilize contractors from our Quality Contractor Network (QCN) list. Please follow the steps below to participate in the eScore Program.

  • Step 1: Registration
  • Step 2: Contractor & TALO Requirements
  • Step 3: Applying & Fees
  • Step 4: Apply for Financing
  • Step 5: eScore Evaluation & TALO Installation
  • Step 6: Congratulations!

eScore Benefits

The eScore Program provides you with energy efficiency benefits that save money!

  • Expert advice and instruction by one of our certified energy advisors
  • Lower energy bills
  • Increased comfort
  • Cash incentives and/or financing for qualifying electrification upgrades
  • Up to 6 LED light bulbs

Additional benefits via the TALO Program

  • $40 incentive for each TALO device installed (one-time credit on bill)
  • Free water heater element replacement
  • Free water heater thermostat replacement

*Some exclusions may apply.

Meet Our Certified Energy Advisors

BrightRidge has five certified energy advisors for the eScore Program. They are Marietta Chatman, Josh Cole, Patrick Phipps, Keith Hoffman, and Angela Shrewsbury. All home evaluations are scheduled in advance through our Energy Services & Marketing Department. For your safety, we encourage you to verify our advisors by asking to view their BrightRidge company identification before allowing them to enter your home. Also, our employees may be identified by logo apparel, and they will arrive in a BrightRidge vehicle. Report any imposters to the police and BrightRidge.

eScore Inspectors