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Ways to Pay

BrightRidge serves approximately 78,600 electric meters. Multiply 78,600 times three and you get an idea of how many customers we serve. Now, imagine the thousands of phone calls we receive each day.  For this reason, help us better serve you more quickly by utilizing our Automated Phone Service (APS).

In order that we maintain our high quality of service for all customers, our Automated Phone Service (APS) allows you to conduct business via the automated system. Simply, the APS allows us to respond to a greater number of calls, which provides quicker, more efficient service for all. The end result is that we are able to better respond to your call, while minimizing your time  spent on hold.

You may conduct any of the following via the APS:

  1. Report a power outage
  2. Pay by credit card
  3. Pay via e-check
  4. Check account balances
  5. Set up Recurring Credit Card

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Our main number is (423) 952-5000.

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