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Spotlight On

Public Power Week


Happy Public Power Week! October 7-13th is when we celebrate the benefits of public power. What does “Public Power” mean? It means reliable, affordable, environmentally responsible electricity that helps build strong communities! 

Benefits of Public Power:

• Lower electricity rates

• Greater reliability

• Local employment

• Responsiveness to customer concerns

• Emphasis on long-term community goals

• Quick response from local crews

• Economic development – not-for-profit electricity attracts and keeps businesses

• Not-for-profit status – lower costs and no split allegiance between customers and stockholders

• Recognized commitment to safety, conservation, and the environment

• Primary mission of providing least-cost, reliable service over maximizing profit

In addition to celebrating Public Power Week in October, we are also celebrating the one year anniversary of our name change from Johnson City Power Board to BrightRidge. We are still your public power provider serving you since 1945!

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