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Fixed Wireless Internet

BrightRidge Broadband is pleased to announce Fixed Wireless High-Speed Internet!  Fixed wireless provides internet where fiber may not be feasible.  With BrightRidge, transmitter towers wirelessly deliver broadband service to a receiver at your home or business.

Fixed Wireless for Your Home




Fixed Wireless Internet - Essential (up to 25 Mbps/3 Mbps Bandwidth)


Fixed Wireless Internet - Advantage (up to 50 Mbps/5 Mbps Bandwidth)


Fixed Wireless Internet - Performance ( up to 75 Mbps/10 Mbps Bandwidth)


In-Home Managed WiFi (Learn More Here)

*$50 deposit maybe required depending on your credit score.  Includes carrier-grade router, 24/7 support, and one onsite trip per year.

* Verify Rates (effective 9/1/2019).  We are committed to providing current and accurate rate information. It is our goal to update this site as changes occur. However, rates are subject to change without notice. Contact a BrightRidge Representative to verify rates/pricing.
Upgrade to a dynamic IPv4 public IP address for $4.99 per month.
*Residential internet customers get one private (NAT) dynamic IPv4 address and /120 IPv6 subnet with base service.
Save when you combine BrightRidge Managed Support Services! Click here to learn more.