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Power Quality

The Power Quality in a system is defined by many parameters that characterize the voltage and current on the power system at a given time. Sometimes these parameters are called “blips”.

Some of today’s equipment and machinery are so sensitive that even a small variation in power quality can cause the machine to malfunction. Therefore, it is important that steps be taken to ensure the equipment is properly protected from power quality issues.

Service Quality is defined by the reliability of the electrical service. If the customer has service quality issues, it is important for the customer to keep a log of date and time, along with conditions under which the service quality issue occurred. If the problem is with a specific piece of equipment, a call to the manufacturer may help identify the problem. A qualified electrician should be called in to check the wiring and grounding.

Surge Suppressors help protect equipment from surges. A surge is defined as a temporary increase in voltage, usually lasting less than one half second. Lightning is the most common cause of power surges. Contrary to popular belief, a surge is not caused by trees or animals or breaker operations.

For more information or assistance with your power quality issues, please contact one of our Key Account Representatives.

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