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BrightRidge Voice

Voice Products


Business Voice over IP (VoIP) (Unlimited LD and Features)
Hosted PBX Service (priced per phone)
Hunting for Single Business Line
PRI (ISDN - Full - 24 Channels - usage based)
PRI (ISDN - Partial - 12 Channels - usage based)
10 number block of DID's
PBX Trunk (includes hunting)
SIP call paths (usage based)
SIP call paths (unlimited LD)

Some exclusions may apply. 
  • Must be a BrightRidge High-Speed Internet (Fiber Optic) customer in order to purchase BrightRidge Voice. BrightRidge Voice is only available in fiber optic areas.  
  • If BrightRidge Voice is installed at a later date than the High-Speed Internet install, there may be additional installation charges applied.

Business Broadband:

Contact a BrightRidge Broadband Business Sales Representative for custom pricing by calling (423) 952-5000 or use the form below.

Learn more with Voice FAQ's

  • How does BrightRidge Broadband Voice over IP (VOIP) work?
  • Do you provide a battery backup to maintain Voice service in the event of a power outage?
  • What kind of equipment do I need?
  • Can I keep my existing phone number?
  • Does 911 service work?
  • Can I dial using only 7 digits?
  • Can I use my computer while talking on the phone?
  • How is the voice quality?