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Address Verification Tool

Interested in BrightRidge Broadband? You may determine which deployment phase your home is in by typing your address in the white box below. Currently, this tool only provides information for those customers who may be served via Fiber To The Premise (FTTP).  BrightRidge will also utilize wireless technology to provide broadband services to its customers where FTTP is not feasible. Currently, we are in the process of updating maps to include wireless broadband service capabilities which are still being defined.  The current verification tool does not provide include phase-deployment information for those service locations that will be served via wireless.  Please continue to monitor and BrightRidge social media for continued broadband service updates. Thank you for your patience.

Deployment Plan

BrightRidge is planning an 8-year roll out for fiber and fixed wireless services. 

Opportunities by end FY2026:

  • Coverage available to 75% of BrightRidge customers (over 61,000 customers)
  • Fiber:  2,540 businesses and 33,428 homes
  • Wireless:  275 businesses and 25,000 homes

Coming Soon: Broadband - Phase 1

Phase 1 Fiber (Johnson City).  The area covers approximately 3,874 homes and 373 businesses.  In general, the area is located between I26 and the boundaries of North Roan St, John Exum Parkway and University Parkway.   The Upper boundaries is at the North Roan Street and I26 intersection and the lower boundary is University Parkway to the I26 Elizabethton/University Parkway exit.

Phase 1 Fiber (Jonesborough).  This area covers about 50 businesses located on West Main Street in the down town area.  The area on West Main Street from North Second Street to just beyond the intersection of Boone Street.

Phase 1 Fiber (Business Parks).  This area covers 9 separate business parks with a total of 216 businesses.  The parks are Tri-County Industrial Park, Johnson City Industrial Park, Med Tech Park, Burley Site, Hanover Park, Innovation Park, West Side Park, Buffalo Park, and Washington County Industrial Park.

Phase 1 Wireless (Southern Washington County including Jonesborough).  This area covers an estimated 4,000 customers.  The map represents the area that will be served with wireless internet.  The final boundaries of the phase 1 wireless deployment will not be set until the fixed wireless infrastructure is fully installed.

*Deployment phases may change as the plan is intended to be dynamic based on economic and market factors.

View Deployment Phase 1 Maps

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